Who ARE you? Who am I? Who are we?
Everything that gives you joy in life encourages you to stay on your own unique path, the more autonomy you me and we can achieve, the are likely we are to prevent stress, no matter what the tests and tribulations we are to meet on the journey.

Ideally, an education system that is bespoke to each individual’s inate skills, gifts and passions is much more likely to keep learners engaged.

Better still, they may well dance rather than march, sing rather than moan and share rather than hide from their true nature. The consequence too often can be, that thier own magnificent potential remains dormant and the individual can feel lost without knowing why.

We at INaSENSE aim to help these victims of low self worth.


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Classroom of the future

Classroom and educational trends have undergone significant changes over the course of the past decade, and these changes affect how classes operate as well as how the people in them interact with each other. One of the most striking deviations is the shift in classroom ... read more

All snails and Mistle Thrushes Welcomed!

The Inner Self needs protection. Without shells would snails move faster? As a budding team of inner facilitators, we at INaSENSE (IaS) are exploring together ways of integrating more effectively the hidden needs with our outer requirements to survive. We progress - slowly. You can ... read more

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Personal Space

Heya, Tonight I am writing not only as a META-Health Coach, but mainly as a parent, trying to provide my 3 year old son the best possible environment in which he can flourish, develop and express his Unique and special Gifts, just like any other ... read more

Doomsday Revisited?

Extract from Christopher Gilmore's forthcoming book "Cosmic Classrooms": "Although the anxious side of our human nature would wish to rely on prophecies, this neurosis increased as we reached nearer to December 21st. 2012 when a meteor might or might not, have threatened the earth and ... read more