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 We welcome you to MY IDENTITY AUDIT tm and other strategies offering signposts to Self-Awareness.  Check out MINING ME a simple 21 question App. We are a team of dedicated professionals within the fields of health, education & sustainability are devising training programs to improve educational provisions at all levels of love and learning. Passionate innovators, please join us now!

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 Learning with Limericks 
Now in the age of the Selfie
In schools the main subject is ME
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SiS Catalyst is About Change

Our children are growing up in a world where our beautiful planet Earth is under direct threat from our human activities, where technology is developing exponentially and where our ability to communicate globally is becoming commonplace.  If our institutions are to keep up with these ... read more

Mining Me?

Despite so many Selfies, the number of young people starting up their own business has halved since January. That so, despite figures 49% of 18 - 30 year olds polled by RBS and The Prince's Trust want to become entrepreneurs. Chief Executive of the trust, ... read more

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Doomsday Revisited?

Extract from Christopher Gilmore's forthcoming book "Cosmic Classrooms": "Although the anxious side of our human nature would wish to rely on prophecies, this neurosis increased as we reached nearer to December 21st. 2012 when a meteor might or might not, have threatened the earth and ... read more

The ASHA Centre

The ASHA Centre in the Forest of Dean was founded by the philanthropist and human rights campaigner,  Zerbanoo Gifford and inaugurated in May 2010. It is a beacon of hope and peace that in their own words works "...for the empowerment of young people, sustainable ... read more